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How to Watch VR Videos online?

Virtual reality is the latest leap in user interface technology that allows you to experience simulations as if they are real. You can feel like you are at the top of the mountain even when you are sitting at home and using a VR headset.

The technology has taken a big step ahead of 3D and brings you a sensory experience so rich that your brain thinks it is real. The tools are still undergoing development. But we already have a lot of VR experiences that you can enjoy today. VR headsets have become very affordable and can cost as little as $20. Plug it to your Android-powered smartphone and you are ready for your first realistic VR experience.

But where do you find the videos for VR?

Since early 2017, many VR video creators have flooded the market with great VR content. Here are some of the best places to find virtual reality videos online.

1. YouTube

Apart from being the world’s largest video content platform, YouTube also hosts a huge number of VR experiences. Search the site the normal way and add 360 or VR to the keyword and you will get a list of video content in VR format. A casual search for ‘360 videos’ gave us an unending list of VR videos. When you click on any of those videos, you will see a small facemask like icon on the right side, clicking on it displays the video in VR format.

2. Oculus Store

Oculus bust into VR scene a few years ago as a Kickstarter project. In less than 3 years, it has become the largest VR gear seller and has a huge collection of VR games, videos and other simulated experiences. When you buy an Oculus headset, you get a gift certificate to buy a few of these games. Some of them are free while others are paid apps. It is totally worth checking out.

3. Samsung Store

Samsung is obsessed with doing everything that Google does. So after Google brought out Cardboard, Samsung brought out a VR headset to go with their high-end smartphones and created a platform to try and buy VR games and videos. Some of these games may need a high-end smartphone. But most of them should be playable on any branded smartphone.

4. PlayStation Store

Sony released PlayStation VR to get into the VR gaming domain. Their store already has a decent collection of VR games and experiences. Some of these may even be available for your smartphone. Check the compatibility details before you purchase a game though.

5. NYT VR app

New York Times has published a VR app to make their VR content easily accessible to all, for free. The publishing company is regularly releasing new VR experiences via their app. Apart from the news in VR format, they also have many interesting VR experiences like the surface of Pluto, underwater with the dolphins, etc.

As the market penetration of VR increases more and more content will come out.