Star Trek Technologies that actually exists

When Star Trek came out, nobody imagined the series would turn out to be a vision that could become a reality one day. For over 50 years, the series, its spinoffs and movies have constantly pushed the human imagination to its limits and while some of them are far from reality, we have got at least a few devices that can be traced back to the famed series.

┬áHere are some of the most common devices that were first imagined in Star Trek and then brought to life by today’s technology.

Universal Translator

According to Star Trek, the universal translator comes into existence only in the 22nd century. But we are ahead of the curve as we have those in the 21st century. Google has created an in-ear translation earbud that can translate between a number of languages. There is also Baidu’s pocket translator that translates between English and Mandarin. The only thing we need is an improvement in the amount of time it takes to train these new devices to learn new languages.


Speaking computers

This is one of those fantasy devices which is seen many times in the franchise. A computer that can take verbal commands and reply to you. Just ten years ago, the idea seemed to be far off and then came Siri and Amazon’s Alexa an AI-powered personal assistant. Today, almost everyone carries around an AI-powered assistant right on their phones.


Tablet computer

Star Trek’s crew always carried around a Personal Access Data Devices (PADD). The series started when the computers were a giant machine. Fast forward to the 21st century and we all carry a powerful tablet computer within our smartphone. And the evolution is still continuing. We have earbuds and can make video calls as well as capture images with our all in one handheld computers.

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